Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday Centus

I have decided to join Jenny Matlock on her 133 Saturday Centus. In case you do not know what this is, Jenny chooses a prompt and we write a post about it. This week's prompt is "The pain was excruciating" There is a limit of 104 words including the prompt. To read other's, click here

I lay on the table and hear the buzzing of the needle. It pricks at my back, stinging me. The pain was excruciating. I think why am I putting myself through this? It's my 3rd tattoo, I should be use to the pain. But this time, it is worse than before. I close my eyes and tune out all the sounds. My trance is interrupted by a voice. "All done" the artist says. I stand up and he gives me a mirror. I position it to see my work of art. It is beautiful.

fuzzy pic not fuzzy tattoo

Been A long Time

Wow my last post on here was in August. I wonder if I have any followers left or if anyone is reading this? A lot has been going on in my life. My two year old has been seeing a speech therapist and on the 20th, we will see if he qualifies for Headstart for next year. He turns 3 in December so he was too young to go this September. I'm thinking he will qualify. He copies a lot of what people say and can only say 3 word sentences. Today, however, he said his first 4 word sentence. "Step in dog shit?" Yes, I really need to watch what I say around him.

We moved to a bigger house last month. We are still settling in and still have boxes of crap to unpack. It's amazing how much you can accumulate in 3 1/2 years. Having inventory for Ebay doesn't help either. I've given a few things away and we threw out a bunch of stuff but it is still overwhelming. How the hell did we wind up with 8 t.v.s that don't work? I blame my husband. He's a hoarder. It's true. You will probably see us on Buried Alive next season. Until then, I'll try to keep up with this blog but I make no promises.