Saturday, April 25, 2015

Baby Steps

So, yeah I did this today. This is the first piece of furniture I have recovered. I'm hoping to paint inside the drawer part where it is trimmed and the sides the same shade of blue that is in the cushion.

It only took me 45 minutes to change this worn out fabric,

to this bright colored fabric I found at the thrift store.

There are probably 40 plus staples in the wood... I'm not even kidding.

Friday, April 24, 2015

DIY Cardboard Box Car

I'm hardly a crafty person. I can not DIY anything but Ryker wanted me to make him a car. It's pretty simple to do, even for myself.


1 big cardboard box (mine measured 20" x 15" 16")
4 small paper plates I used 7"
1 large plate I used a 10"
2 lids off a play dough can or any small lid to use as headlights
hot glue gun and glue
markers, crayons and whatever else to decorate

First, cut off the two long side flaps and the back flap. You are going to make a windshield from the front flap. To make the windshield, use the ruler and draw a small rectangle on the flap. On mine, I measured 2" from the bottom, 1" from the top and 2" in on both sides.

Using the hot glue, attach the lids to the front for the headlights. Use the 10" plate for the steering wheel and the 7" plates for the tires. I let my tires stick out on the sides. I was going to use brass paper fasteners for the steering wheel and tires but I could not find any.

To make the door, you are going to cut two rectangles on each side. Only cut the top, bottom and one side and then bend the non cut side to open and close the door. (sorry, I can't think of the correct word to use) To create my doors, I measured 8" from the front, 6" from the back, 3" from the top and 1" from the bottom.

To make the window, simply cut the door in half and cut the side that wasn't cut. My window is 4" x 6"

Give your child some markers or crayons and have them decorate it. You could also paint the box first before making the car but I didn't have any paint and Ryker would not have wanted to wait for the paint to dry.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Banner Update

I need to update my banner. My dear Garrett (German Shepherd) passed away March 17. It was pretty sudden as he was fine in the morning and then by night, he could no longer walk. We gave him a week to improve but he hadn't so my husband took him to the vet and had him put to sleep. I'm still not quite over it.

Also, I only have one teenager living with me and my toddler is now a preschooler. Hopefully, I can come up with another banner soon. Thanks for reading

UPDATE: Banner is now changed although I'm going to miss my original ones.

New one I made

Thursday, April 2, 2015

43 Things on My 43rd Birthday

I am two days late but saw this on Grace's blog Thrifting in the Buff  and thought I would do the same on my birthday. Hopefully, I can come up with 43 fun things about myself.

1. I have a twin sister. Her name is Sarah and I am older by about 30 minutes.
2. I have 4 children. They are all boys. They are 22, 19, 17 and 5.
3. My favorite thing to drink is Diet Coke.
4. I will order the same meal at any restaurant provided it is on the menu: chicken strips with french fries.
5. When I was younger, I wrote poetry. Some of it is published.

6. I have had stitches twice in my life. On my left foot and right arm.
7. When we were younger, Sarah and I had 2 zebra finches named E.T. and Elliot.
8. I put peanut butter on waffles. Just peanut butter because jelly would be weird.
9. I don't like people touching my things.
10. I do not drink alcohol or smoke

11. My favorite movie is Breakfast Club.
12. My aunt was a hoarder. Back then we thought it was bad housekeeping. Some days, I feel like I'm turning into one. Ebay inventory doesn't help with this feeling.
13. My favorite teddy bear was lost in a move. I bought not one, not 2 but 4 to replace him. (This contributes to my feelings of becoming a hoarder)
14. I have only been in a (fist) fight once in my life. I was about 17 and got a black eye for spitting on this douchbag I hated.
15. In my teens, I worked at a conservation camp. I secretly called it a concentration camp. I lasted a week before I quit.

16. I don't have any friends in real life that hang out with me.
17. In grade school, I dominated in track. In high school, I barely made it on Varsity.
18. My favorite ice cream is moose tracks
19. My first car was a 1979 Chevy Camaro
20. I once got a ticket for sitting in the window of a moving car.

21. My first job was cleaning at the chamber of commerce.
22. My friend and I would steal soda from the machine at my first job.
23. My first love broke my heart. A few years later, I broke his.
24. Other than giving birth, I have been in the hospital twice. Once for ear tubes when I was about 7 and the other was a kidney infection when I was about 22.
25. I can not stand liars.

26. I love vintage purses and try not to buy every one I see.
27. My favorite candy bar is peanut butter Twix
28. I do not like being hugged.
29. I have 11 tattoos. My favorite is a Banksy girl holding a balloon.
30. My mom used to call me puttsacutesy. (yeah, it's not even a word)

31. I have one granddaughter who will be 3 in a few days
32. I was on the honor roll in high school but couldn't grasp college math.
33. My first crush was a boy named Joshua in second grade. I drew him a teddy bear and wrote I love you on the bottom of the paper.
34. I had pet mice when I was 17.
35. When I was 18, I got drunk and sold my car for $200

36. I don't have a favorite color but I'm often drawn to red.
37. I believe in God but do not attend church
38. I won't buy my children second hand shoes but I have no problem wearing them myself.
39. I didn't get my driver's license until I was about 19 but drove anyways.
40. I do not own a cell phone

41. I collect Funko Pop Walking Dead figures but keep them in the box.
42. I have trust issues
43. This was really hard to come up with 43 things.