Saturday, January 31, 2015

Ryker's Room After

These are the after photos of Ryker's cleanup. It obviously did not stay this clean and it is a daily struggle to get him to put things away. I still have not had a chance to get rid of some things but I did throw away some trash and broken toys.

This is his desk. I need to go through the drawers and clean it out.

I moved the shelves from the left wall and put them on the center wall. No more struggling to get into the closet

I moved the play kitchen to the left wall and put the tool station on the inside porch. I'm trying to convince him to let me sell the tool set.

I also found some crib sheets which I have donated.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ryker's Room Before

I actually cleaned Ryker's room a week or so ago but didn't get around to posting photos. I haven't gotten rid of anything that wasn't trash because Ryker has the memory of an elephant and remembers all the toys he has. I'm going to post only the before photos today and save the after for another post.

This desk seems to be drop off central. Everything, and I mean everything, gets dumped here. In fact, I may have to clean it again.

This is the view from the living room door. He never sleeps in his bed. He prefers to sleep on the couch in the living room. He is convinced there is a ghost in his room and I tend to believe this as I have experienced it myself.

View by his desk

These shelves are pretty much organized but they take up a lot of room. Plus they are blocking the door to the closet and it is hard for me to get Ryker's clothing out.

view from the closet

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Kitchen Clean Up

I went through my kitchen drawers and cabinets a few days ago. I can't believe all the crap I had 2 of.


Salt and pepper shakers and a timer. Since both my microwave and oven have a timer, I had no use for this one. I also have a set of salt and pepper shakers. This set I got free at a church rummage sale and didn't have the heart to tell them I did not want it.

Sewing kit and lipstick holder I already have a sewing box and I don't wear lipstick

Extra silverware, utensils  Seriously how many big spoons do I need to have?

Plastic containers. I probably should have thrown some of these out

Looking back at this photo, I should have thrown out that pan

Soap holder


Children's plates and trays

Bread pans and a cake pan. I have never made bread in my entire life and don't plan on making one anytime soon. And if I do decide to bake a cake, it sure will be bigger than this pan.

Slushie maker We haven't made any slushies in over 3 years


This cocoa machine was recalled. You had to send in the pitcher to get a $30 check. I don't know why I held onto the base since it is no use to me or anyone else for that matter. Into the trash it went.

I created a group on Facebook to sell some of these items. Even if you are not local, you can still join and buy. You will need to message me for a shipping quote. You can join here

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, January 12, 2015

Fridge Clean Out and A New Group

I seem to be juggling too many things at once. Besides my normal housework, this decluttering idea and working on Ebay, I started a group on Facebook where people can buy my things. Anyone can join even if you are not local. You can buy and I will send you a message with the shipping costs. If you want to join, click here.

Anyways, today I started cleaning out my fridge. I threw out 3 bags: half a ham and stuffing from New Year's Day, some condiments that expired last year, and a can of coffee that expired in August 2013. I'm hoping to deep clean it tomorrow.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Desk Makeover

I tackled my desk this morning. I like to repurpose things so my desk is actually a sewing machine table. It is quite small but works for me. Anyways, I had a 3 drawer storage cart underneath it. This cart was mostly filled with junk. I also have a library card catalog that was sitting empty. So I put all my pens, scissors, camera etc into the card catalog and I am selling the 3 drawer cart.




These items were collecting dust on a corner shelf of the room.

Baby bells like the ones I had as a baby moved to my hope chest.

Game we played as kids also moved to chest

Favorite bear as a child moved to the chest as well.


Saturday, January 10, 2015

Bought This, Sold That

The other day I went to the thrift store and they had a plant stand for sale. I only have one house plant, so I didn't buy it. I kept thinking about that stand and on Thursday, I went over there and bought it. I was hoping I could repurpose it for something. Only thing was, I didn't know for what.

I thought  I could use it for my shoes in my closet. It didn't fit through the door and did not fold so that idea was trashed. I was looking at my bookshelf and thought, "Hmm, maybe I could put some books on it?" So that is what I did.

I decided to list the bookshelf on Facebook and it sold this morning for $10

Not all the books from my shelf fit on the plant stand. I decided to keep The Little Golden books and sell the other ones on Ebay. I haven't listed them yet, but will shortly.

The stories in the Sweet Pickles books are really weird. I can't even stand reading them. I have sold a set of the Magic Castle Reader books so I know these should go quickly. (sorry I don't have a picture of those)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Purse Purge

I didn't accomplish much today. I did take down my Christmas tree and cleaned out my purse. I'm the worse at leaving receipts in there. I got a new purse on Tuesday and am trying to sell my old one on Facebook.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Bathroom Purge

I cleaned off some counter space and went through the drawers.



expired allergy medicine. I bought this back in 2012 when I had an allergy attack to a cat my hubby brought home. My eyes swelled up and I was miserable. Unfortunately, we had to give the cat back to his original owner.

shaving foam that lost its cap. You couldn't get anything out of the can and I don't know why I was saving it.

a baby tooth brush


These wash clothes are brand new. I don't no why I bought so many.



basket to use in Ryker's room for his toys