Thursday, December 1, 2011

D Is For Dog

I am not a dog person. (I'm not a cat person either but that is another story) Unfortunately, my husband is, so we he adopted a German Shepherd named Garret. Garret was in training in SC to be a police dog but failed. Yup, our dog is a police academy drop out.

I have a love/hate relationship with Garret. When we were younger, all our big dogs lived outside. Even in the cold winter months, they were not allowed in the house. Garret, however, is not an outside dog. My husband's choice, not mine. Therefore he sheds alot. You could make another dog with all the hair he sheds. We don't have a big living room but it takes me 30 minutes to vacuum each day. Some days I can vacuum up to three times. If he would just lay down in one spot, it wouldn't be so bad but he has to lay down on every square inch of carpeting we have. All this hair and dander makes me sneeze.

Garret is a good watch dog but at night he drives me crazy. He lays at the top of the stairs, and if I go anywhere near them, he barks and growls. What's up with that?

guarding what? I don't know.

He usually doesn't beg but the other day, he stole a piece of Ryker's toast right out of Ryker's hand. Trust me, this dog is not starving.

Ryker fed the dog

Garret suffers from separation anxiety. He is attached to my son, William, and when he is gone, Garret paces the house waiting his return. When William does come home, Garret will not leave his side. Garret is truely man's best friend.

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storybeader said...

gosh! I hope everything in the future works out better with a dog in the house. We've always had two dogs; before, one was black and one white, which is a terror for clothes. I just couldn't win. Now both dogs have light hair at least... {:-Deb

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What a beautiful dog! I don't think I would like his growling at night though.

Sue said...

And you have a lot of love and patience!


My post today: Divine Nature

anitamombanita said...

OK, I'm laughing even tho I probably shouldn't be. I'm a dog person...but selectively so...there are dogs and then there are dogs. I suspect that he growls at you cuz he knows he can push your buttons and dogs do know when you like them or not. Hope you guys work it out, though, because if you do he may become YOUR best friend too. Just sayin'... :)

Diane said...

I'll bet he does produce of lot of shedded hair because my two little longhaired Dachshunds leave theirs all over the house!

He's so pretty though! :)

Splendid Little Stars said...

YIKES! That's a happy/sad story!
I know someone who gives her pets vitamin E because she says it keeps the shedding at bay.

Cathy Kennedy said...

Wow, a German Shepard inside your house! My daughter had this gigantic dog a year ago and she kept it in her tiny apartment. Lets just say, that dog made me think of a pony. Besides that my daughter is tiny. When that dog wanted to go somewhere it made no difference to him that he was on a leash. DD went with him, usually being pulled down stairs - dragging and scraping life or limb on everything the dog missed, but she didn't. Garrett is a beautiful animal, but I'm like you, he should be an outdoor animal. Oh the things we do for our husbands, right? lol Thanks for visiting yesterday!

Lola said...

We're dog people too!

Such an apt 'D' post!

XOXO Lola:)

Andy said...

I'm a dog lover, always have been, always will be. My wife on the other hand prefers cats. We don't own any pets now where we live, although we did in the past. Garrett is a big, beautiful dog, but (& I mean no disrespect), sounds like he has issues & could do with a visit from the dog man himself, Cesar Milan!
Thanks for sharing & visiting too. I appreciate the comment.


taylorsoutback said...

Can't imagine a house with dogs...I used to be terrified them until my husband brought home a German Shepherd was love at first sight. I could match you on the fur too...we have 2 shelties and when I brush even one of them we have enough fur to make a "starter puppy."

Your Garret has natural instincts to be a guard dog and protect his family...the relationship he has with your son is precious and something to be valued.

Jenny said...

I'm hoping third time is the charm to leave this comment!


I chuckled over the fact he's a drop out.

I chuckled that the hair is all over your house and not mine.

The thought of the growling would scare me! Garret looks like a big dog!

But he is beautiful.

And this post was delightful.

Thank you for sharing it.


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