Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ryker, A Three Dollar Shirt and Strokes of Goodwill

Have you been watching Two Broke Girls on CBS? On Monday, they reaired Strokes of Goodwill. In this episode, Max introduces Caroline to the art of thrift store shopping. Max finds a Strokes t-shirt she adores and gets into an argument with a crazy Puerto Rican woman. This almost happened to me yesterday.

I was looking through the children's racks at Goodwill and came across a long sleeved Lightning McQueen t-shirt. Before I could take it down, I hear a woman say excuse me. Can I get pass? Apparently my cart was blocking the aisle. As she is coming toward me, I push my cart forward, she passes and stops right at the t-shirt I was just looking at. I wanted to scream hey I was going to get that but like Max says in the show "You know the rule: Turn your back on the rack, you’re under attack." She takes it down and I am secretly shouting, put it back. Put it back. It's mine. She looks at it and returns it to the rack. I snatch it and put it in my cart. Best three dollars I've spent at Goodwill.


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