Thursday, January 12, 2012

H Is For Home

A fellow blogger wrote a home is just a collection of things and memories. I really like that saying Jenny. So for the letter H, I am going to do something different. I am going to give you a tour of my house with this video blog. I hope you enjoy the tour. (Please ignore any and all dust bunnies)

linking to Jenny Matlock

Jenny Matlock


Karen S. said...

What a cool tour of H for home....and what a happy one it looks like it is....great extremely quite boys...and the older one was busy getting a snap shot of you the camera-woman! Very cool! That is one really neat fire engine bed too! He probably won't fall out of that too easy....very nice!

Emille said...

Very inventive idea to make a video for the H post!

anitamombanita said...

Clever way to present your letter H post. Looks like a nice cozy nest for your family. Home definitely is where the heart is!

Splendid Little Stars said...

clever post for the letter H! Home is certainly full of boys! I think they enjoyed watching you make this video!

Leovi said...

Nice trip home.

Steph said...

Hi Becky, I thought about posting on "home" too, but couldn't think of how to write it. You are so creative, and it's fun to see your home and boys. I am so with you related to living with guys and keeping things tidy, but your place looks great. Thanks for the tour!

Jo said...

What a fab idea to do a video post! what a creative post!

Judie said...

Becky, I was hoping to see some of those dust bunnies! I thought we could compare notes and sizes, but you don't really have any that could compare in any way with mine!!!

Thanks for checking out Tony's blog! I hope you will try to get mine to load again.

Dreaming said...

You said living with the guys means your home is a mess... Uh, I didn't see that! Your home looks neat as a pin!

Jenny said... does sound like a good quote! Thank you! I feel all 'writerly' now! ha!

What a cool idea for an H link!

Hooray for your blog. I always love visiting you!


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