Friday, April 24, 2015

DIY Cardboard Box Car

I'm hardly a crafty person. I can not DIY anything but Ryker wanted me to make him a car. It's pretty simple to do, even for myself.


1 big cardboard box (mine measured 20" x 15" 16")
4 small paper plates I used 7"
1 large plate I used a 10"
2 lids off a play dough can or any small lid to use as headlights
hot glue gun and glue
markers, crayons and whatever else to decorate

First, cut off the two long side flaps and the back flap. You are going to make a windshield from the front flap. To make the windshield, use the ruler and draw a small rectangle on the flap. On mine, I measured 2" from the bottom, 1" from the top and 2" in on both sides.

Using the hot glue, attach the lids to the front for the headlights. Use the 10" plate for the steering wheel and the 7" plates for the tires. I let my tires stick out on the sides. I was going to use brass paper fasteners for the steering wheel and tires but I could not find any.

To make the door, you are going to cut two rectangles on each side. Only cut the top, bottom and one side and then bend the non cut side to open and close the door. (sorry, I can't think of the correct word to use) To create my doors, I measured 8" from the front, 6" from the back, 3" from the top and 1" from the bottom.

To make the window, simply cut the door in half and cut the side that wasn't cut. My window is 4" x 6"

Give your child some markers or crayons and have them decorate it. You could also paint the box first before making the car but I didn't have any paint and Ryker would not have wanted to wait for the paint to dry.


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