Thursday, April 2, 2015

43 Things on My 43rd Birthday

I am two days late but saw this on Grace's blog Thrifting in the Buff  and thought I would do the same on my birthday. Hopefully, I can come up with 43 fun things about myself.

1. I have a twin sister. Her name is Sarah and I am older by about 30 minutes.
2. I have 4 children. They are all boys. They are 22, 19, 17 and 5.
3. My favorite thing to drink is Diet Coke.
4. I will order the same meal at any restaurant provided it is on the menu: chicken strips with french fries.
5. When I was younger, I wrote poetry. Some of it is published.

6. I have had stitches twice in my life. On my left foot and right arm.
7. When we were younger, Sarah and I had 2 zebra finches named E.T. and Elliot.
8. I put peanut butter on waffles. Just peanut butter because jelly would be weird.
9. I don't like people touching my things.
10. I do not drink alcohol or smoke

11. My favorite movie is Breakfast Club.
12. My aunt was a hoarder. Back then we thought it was bad housekeeping. Some days, I feel like I'm turning into one. Ebay inventory doesn't help with this feeling.
13. My favorite teddy bear was lost in a move. I bought not one, not 2 but 4 to replace him. (This contributes to my feelings of becoming a hoarder)
14. I have only been in a (fist) fight once in my life. I was about 17 and got a black eye for spitting on this douchbag I hated.
15. In my teens, I worked at a conservation camp. I secretly called it a concentration camp. I lasted a week before I quit.

16. I don't have any friends in real life that hang out with me.
17. In grade school, I dominated in track. In high school, I barely made it on Varsity.
18. My favorite ice cream is moose tracks
19. My first car was a 1979 Chevy Camaro
20. I once got a ticket for sitting in the window of a moving car.

21. My first job was cleaning at the chamber of commerce.
22. My friend and I would steal soda from the machine at my first job.
23. My first love broke my heart. A few years later, I broke his.
24. Other than giving birth, I have been in the hospital twice. Once for ear tubes when I was about 7 and the other was a kidney infection when I was about 22.
25. I can not stand liars.

26. I love vintage purses and try not to buy every one I see.
27. My favorite candy bar is peanut butter Twix
28. I do not like being hugged.
29. I have 11 tattoos. My favorite is a Banksy girl holding a balloon.
30. My mom used to call me puttsacutesy. (yeah, it's not even a word)

31. I have one granddaughter who will be 3 in a few days
32. I was on the honor roll in high school but couldn't grasp college math.
33. My first crush was a boy named Joshua in second grade. I drew him a teddy bear and wrote I love you on the bottom of the paper.
34. I had pet mice when I was 17.
35. When I was 18, I got drunk and sold my car for $200

36. I don't have a favorite color but I'm often drawn to red.
37. I believe in God but do not attend church
38. I won't buy my children second hand shoes but I have no problem wearing them myself.
39. I didn't get my driver's license until I was about 19 but drove anyways.
40. I do not own a cell phone

41. I collect Funko Pop Walking Dead figures but keep them in the box.
42. I have trust issues
43. This was really hard to come up with 43 things.


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