Thursday, February 2, 2012

K Is For Katie

Katie is a 2 1/2 year old from Arizona battling cancer. I do not know Katie or her family but I have been reading about her journey on Katies Place. Her family seems very religious and believes that with the help of God, Katie will overcome her battle. I believe this too. If you have a chance, stop by her blog and keep her in your prayers.

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Jenny Matlock


Andy said...

Hello Becky.
It always saddens me when I hear kids are going through stuff like this. Just doesn't seem fair.

Sorry to hear about your computer woes. Hope you get it all sorted soon.

Thanks for sharing & visiting.

Kingship Of Love

mrs. c said...

Thank you for visiting. I am always so sad when children are battling the evil cancer! She will be in my prayers. I am a pre-k teacher and young children are near and dear to my heart! said...

This is so sad.

Jenny said...

I'll go right now, Becky.

Things like this are just so heartbreaking.

Thank you for having such a caring heart!

Hugs and A+

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