Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Why Oh Why Did You Email Me A Virus?

I sold a lamp on Monday to a buyer in CA. I went to ship it this afternoon. I took my package to the postal store (note to self: never go there again Do labels on line They rip you off) to ship by Fed Ex. The lady at the counter said fed ex would email me a tracking number. I paid $80 and went on my way.

Twenty minutes later, I check my email. There is an email and the sender just says FedEx. I open it thinking it is my tracking number. The email states I need to pick my package up and there is an attachment I need to bring in. I have never shipped with Fed Ex before and thought there must be a problem if I have to pick my package back up. OK I was not thinking. I opened the attachment and bam virus!!! My computer went blank and then a pop up appeared. It looked like it had the windows logo on it and it said something like running a scan. I thought it was windows on my computer. After it ran a scan it said to fix the errors. Then it said BUY here. Damm They wiped out my system and now want me to pay to restore it. Yup I'm screwed.

I sheepishly call my husband. I can already hear in my head what he is about to say. Yes It was stupid of me to open an attachment but the damage is done. How do we fix it?? All my programs are on the computer. The bad program is just preventing me from getting to them. Like under All programs it says empty. But they are there. Bill was able to access the control panel through the recycling bin and he managed to turn the program off but he can not remove it yet. The only thing I can access is the internet. Which is good because I can check my email and my ebay but I won't be able to upload any pictures so I won't be able to add new listings to my ebay. This really sucks. I know better!!! But the damage is done and I need to deal with it. It sure would be nice if I could sell enough stuff on ebay to get a new computer. But until then, my blogs will be picture less.


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