Thursday, February 23, 2012

N Is For North Carolina

Christmas Day 1994, I packed my Oldsmobile Cutlass and drove to the Milwaukee airport to meet my boyfriend. He was flying in from Charlotte, NC and together we were going to make the drive back south and begin a new life. I was quite excited. The farthest I had ever been from my hometown was Chicago and now I was going to move 1000 miles away. It was a little scary starting over but at least I would not be alone.

We had planned on spending the night in Milwaukee and leaving the next morning. On the way to the hotel, Bill took out a ring box and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes. (We have been married now for 17 years in January) I almost crashed the car in my excitement.

The drive to NC seemed to go by quickly. We stayed with Bill's sister for a few days before moving into our own condo in Pineville. North Carolina was beautiful but I did miss the snow. It didn't seem like Christmas anymore. We lived in that condo for a few months and shortly after having William, I went back to WI for a visit. On my return to NC, we had moved into an apartment and I found a job in a daycare. Teaching was my passion and it all started in NC. We did move to South Carolina in 1996 and in 2004 I moved back to WI. My hubby and children moved shortly after.

On cold winter days, I sure miss the warm sun of North Carolina. I also miss the people. Everyone in the south is so friendly and willing to share a smile. You don't get much of that in WI. Someday I hope we can return to NC but in the mean time, I will enjoy the snow.

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Splendid Little Stars said...

Life is interesting like that, isn't it?
I have never before heard of someone proposing in a moving car! Congratulations on your 17 year marriage!

Robin Lynn said...

Hey there Becky! I love NC ... we lived in Charlotte for 8 years off of South Blvd. so, I definitely know Pineville! Enjoyed reading your note too - I know what 'moving' is all about and I truly miss my home in NC at times as well. In the meantime, I am enjoying my here and now nest - you can read about it here:

Ginger said...

Becky, we'd love to have y'all back here in SOUTH Carolina, where it's 77 degrees on Feb. 24. ;-) If I want to see snow, I know where to find it (and, that's not gonna be in my yard, most likely!). Yep, we're friendly here and I've been known to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger. Hey, I did just that at 7:00 THIS MORNING! No joke.

Esther Joy said...

We did disaster relief in the Greenville, NC area after the hurricane. We met a lot of wonderful people, and saw a lot of beautiful country. No wonder you want to go back sometime...

Kara said...

I have never been there. I would never leave New England but I would like to visit that part of the country.

Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

North Carolina is a beautiful state, but my heart is still in Virginia. We moved to Oklahoma in 1980 and then onto Texas, but I'd still love to go back to Virginia. I like to say that Texas is just a temporary stopping off point on my journey through life, but I'm afraid I'm stuck here. It's way too hot and humid and I love four seasons.

Andy said...

Hello Becky.
What a lovely post.
I grew up in the Caribbean until I was 17, then moved to the US. I remember the first time I saw snow in NY. It was a phenomenon...the Caribbean doesn't get snow...I used to stand outside eating the snow as it fell. That was then. Now, when snow falls, everything looks beautiful, but that's as far as the beauty goes for me. Shoveling snow is backbreaking work!

Congratulations on your 17th Wedding Anniversary! I too celebrated my 10 Anniversary & 1-year Blogoversary in January.
Thank for sharing & visiting.

No Anguish Or Pain

Jenny said...

What a nostalgic little look at a place you love! I hope you get back there someday Becky. People are so much friendlier in the south!

And they have killer fried food, too!

Thanks for a nifty little link for the letter "N".


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