Thursday, March 15, 2012

Q Is For Quirks

Everyone has an odd quirk or two and today I thought I'd share some of mine. (At least the ones I am aware of.) In case you do not know what a quirk is, it is a peculiarity of action, behavior, personality or mannerism.  Most of my quirks center around food.

Whenever I eat a kit kat bar, I have to nibble all the chocolate off of it first, and then eat the wafer. I bet I look like a beaver eating this way. I do not eat kit kats in public. I'm the same way with m&m's except you can not see me biting the hard shell off, then sucking on the chocolate. If I eat a nutty bar, I have to separate the layers of wafers.

At home, I always eat my waffles with peanut butter. I dig out the peanut butter in each square with my finger and lick my finger. This is probably one of my grossest quirks and I do not eat waffles around my family.

In a restaurant, I hardly ever order anything other then chicken fingers with french fries. I need honey mustard. If they do not have honey mustard, I will use ranch and dip my fries into it. Everything taste better with ranch.

I never get ice in my drinks. I do not refrigerate my soda.

One quirk I have that isn't food related is I tend to roll my eyes. Most of the time I do not realize I am doing this and it causes problems between DH and myself.

What kind of quirks do you have? Please feel free to share in the comments.

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anitamombanita said...

Interesting. You need to venture out from your chicken I've got tons of quirks...I'm a kitchen counter cleaner...I like it spotless. And a zillion other oddities.

Robin Lynn said...

Anita ... there you are and you shared a quirk! yay! Becky, thanks for your visit and answering the questions so nicely! A few quirks: I like peanut butter and jelly on pancakes, I like things to be 'in order' - like make-up put on in order, dishes stacked in the same order as always, groceries put in their proper 'home' on the shelf, towels folded and put away in sets ... not that I'm a neat freak, just a little order please. A whole mess more...

Jenny said...

Peanut butter on waffles? That might actually be yummy...with a berry syrup. A new food trend?

I have no quirks. I am darned close to perfect. Please ask my husband to confirm this. Please ask my husband to confirm this when he's not wearing his hearing aids.

That will be the best time!


Thanks for the laugh!

You are awfully qute, Miss Becky.


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