Thursday, March 22, 2012

R Is For Renewing My Driver's License

My driver's license expires at the end of this month. Can you believe I have been back in WI for almost 8 years now? Where did the time go? Since next week is spring break and the hellions boys will be home, I decided today to get my new license. For some reason on Thursdays, the DMV opens at 10. Good thing I checked the hours online. We got there a little after 10 and the waiting room was already crowded. First, you have to go to the information desk and get your paperwork and a number. I already had my form filled out since I did it online. I got my number and was told to wait in the area where photos were being taken. There was one chair left and I sat down. I was the third one to be called.

After I got my picture, I was told to wait until my number was called. They use a system of letters and numbers in some sort of order I could not figure out. For example, my number was CL107 so logically I would go after CL106. Nope, they have other letters in between like IA133. I thought maybe certain counters took only certain letters but that was not the case either. I was called 3 people after CL106.

When I got to the counter, the DMV worker asked how she can help me. I said I needed my driver's license. She rudely replied "and what do you want to do with your license." (I was already there close to an hour and I felt like telling her I wanted to shove it in her sassy mouth but I did not). I smiled and said I needed to renew it. She told me there was a vision test and to put my forehead against the machine and read the top row of letters. At first, I could not make out the first letter and thought I was going to fail but then my eyes focused and I read them off. I'm pretty sure she wasn't listening though. After paying $34, I was told to wait and they would call my name to get my license.

Another 10 minutes passed before they called me. I looked at my license in horror. How could I possibly look that bad??? I showed Bill and he said it looked like a mug shot. Thanks hunny.

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Jen said...

How funny! we went through a similar thing at the DMV just today! I guess they are all just alike!

anitamombanita said...

Gotta love driver's license photos...they're always bad. I think the DMV folks do it on purpose because they hate their jobs...LOL... just kidding.

Karina said...

LOL. Mine looks like the grumpy woman from hell. As soon as someone points a camera at me I try so hard *not* to look stupid, that I look more stupid than normal.

Ames said...

Oh I better go look and see when mine needs to be renewed. I want to be prepared. I think I'll go get a beauty makeover before my new mug shot.~Ames

Jenny said...

Thank heavens you didn't have to parallel park. That would be my biggest fear!

Thanks for a really cute link for the letter R. I'm not changing my picture on mine cuz then I'd probably have to tell the truth about my weight, too.


Thanks for linking.


Annesphamily said...

What a story! That DMV office hires mean and cranky people! I love that comment about shoving that license! Ha Ha! Would have served her right! Catching up from the R post last week with the S post this week. Linky is rude this week and won't let me link with Ms. Jenny. Please come visit. Have a great weekend! Anne

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