Thursday, March 1, 2012

O Is For Ocean

The first time I saw the ocean, I was 22. I had moved to Charlotte, NC the month before and now we were spending our honeymoon at Myrtle Beach. It was gorgeous. Since it was January, the water was too cold to go swimming but I knew we would be back again. I took alot of photos. This was before the age of digital cameras and my two year old son at the time pulled all the film from the roll. I was quite upset but what can you do?

We returned when my second son was about two. Here he is checking out one of the seagulls.


A few years later, my sister came to visit. She had never been to the ocean so we went again. We almost didn't make it. The fuel pump in our car went out. Luckily my hubby is a mechanic, so he found a shop and the kind owner let him fix the car there. In the meantime, my oldest son found an ant hill and got bit up by ants. Finally after a few hours, we were at the beach.

Here I am with my niece and my youngest, at the time, Robert.


William making a sand castle.


Robert and I playing in the sand.


On the way back from this trip, the lights in our car went out. The window also fell down. It certainly was a trip to remember.

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anitamombanita said...

Sounds like you and the beach don't get along all that well. :(

Lola said...

Have to agree with the above comment! You and the beach really don't get along! :-(

Jo said...

talk about memorable trips!!!

Ames said...

You look like a mere child in that picture. It's funny, I was born and raised in Florida and would have never thought that there are people out there that have never seen the beach or ocean. But then again I was 18 years old the first time I ever saw snow. A wonderful memory to me just like yours is to you. ~Ames ♥

Emille said...

Oh, I missed a great word to do my "O":) At least, you used it!

upinthecosmos said...

Ahhhh the ocean, it's been a while since I've seen one. I need to visit soon!

Lavender Cottage said...

Ocean was a great choice for 'o' this week. There's much to do at the beach and even to just sit and watch the water would be relaxing.

Anonymous said...

Good "o" story

storybeader said...

bummer that the car was falling apart. But it's worth it! I grew up on the ocean, and now live in the middle of the country! Another bummer! {:-D

KDL said...

I love the ocean. I did not get to see it until I was in High School, but I've been in love with it ever since. That does sound like quite a road trip! Fun times.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Great O post...lots of memories-challenging moments, but wonderful ones as well... It does sound like despite some of the challenges...there were lots of fun times to recall.

Blessings & Aloha!
Thank you so very much for stopping by my place.

H said...

Goodness! What a lot of things to go wrong on one trip (and the film from the camera previously). Nevertheless, it's worth it to see the ocean, I think :)

Dreaming said...

I enjoyed seeing your pictures and imagining all of the fun you have had at the beach over the years. Myrtle Beach is a fun area to visit - they have so many things going on.

Andy said...

Hello. goodness, you certainly won't forget that trip anytime soon! I've never been to Myrtle Beach, but I have friends who have & they say it's a beautiful place. Even though your trip was eventful, at least you have wonderful memories to look back on & laugh about (smile).
Thanks or sharing & visiting.

Oh Love

Splendid Little Stars said...

I love the beach. But gee, what you went through to get there! definitely memorable. hopefully, mostly good.
I grew up going to the East Coast (US) beaches and have always loved them. I went to Myrtle Beach only once for a couple hours on a side trip.

Jenny said...

Oh Becky, I've had those exact same vacations myself.

I am laughing with you...I swear...not AT you!

This brought back a ton of memories for me...not all of them outstanding!

Hugs and A+

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