Tuesday, March 12, 2013

One Week Later

Well I survived my first week of daily exercising. I think this week I'm going to cut back some. You see I have been exercising 3 times a day for an hour each time. That's a lot if exercise and if I continue this way, I am going to die of exhaustion. I feel like if I'm not exercising, I've just wasted all that time. I am going to stop watching the clock and go by miles. I think I will start off with just 5 miles a day. I can't do all that at once but will break it down to 2 miles in the morning, 1 mile in the afternoon and 2 miles at night. Right now my pace is a mile in 14 minutes which is odd because I know I can walk a mile faster than that. Maybe my counter is off? Anyways, if I focus on miles done and not the time, maybe it will go faster and not seem like so much work. April 1 I go to the doctor so I am hoping to see some results then. I will keep you all updated.


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