Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Meet My family

I am a mother to 4 holy terrors beautiful boys. Ben is my oldest at 18. He no longer lives with me but I am sure some of my posts will revolve around his crazy ass. William is my second child. He is 16. Next is Robert. He is 13 and has special needs. Last is my little monkey, Ryker. He is 19 months old and quite a handful.

Raising a toddler is hard work but not as hard as living with a husband who acts like a toddler. That would be Bill. I met him when I was 22 and stupid. We have been married 16 years but for a few years 2004 -2008 we were separated. Yeah, we are both big procrastinators but I guess it's a good thing we never went through with a divorce. Little monkey wouldn't be here if we had.

Finally to complete my family we have a large ass dog. We call him Garret. He is a German Shepherd with some weight issues and I swear he is schizo.


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