Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Try cleaning the flippin garage!!

Getting my DH to do anything around the house is damm near impossible. I'm better off trying to do it myself. For instance, we have been living here for over 2 years, yet we still do not have curtains up in the living room. Oh I tried to put them up, but the minute I put the curtains on the rods, the rods fell off the wall. Yes, I'm not really handy. I also have to live with the air conditioner unit in the window all year long because he is too lazy to remove it in the winter. However, last winter I had my oldest help me take it out, but since he no longer lives with us, it will most likely stay in.

This is our garage. I couldn't get the whole picture but I think you get the point. See that kitchen sink sitting on the table. (where arrow is pointing) It has been sitting there since February. I'm beginning to think it will never be put in.

click to enlarge

Anyways two months ago I asked him to anchor the curio cabinet to the wall so Ryker would not pull it down on himself. Ryker likes to hide in the bottom of it. He finally got around to doing this today.

Whenever my DH can not find something, it is always my fault. Doesn't matter whether I even know what the hell he is talking about, if it's missing, I moved it. Granted he has somewhat of a point. I tried to clean up the clutter HE created in the bedroom by taking all the tools out to the garage. Whatever I found, I put on that table. So if the item was actually in the house it should be on the table. Nope. He couldn't find the drill bit which btw was never attached to the drill when I moved it. So of course that was my fault. And then he said I lost the charger for the drill. Well, that was never in the house. He did manage to anchor the cabinet but next time I won't even bother asking. I'll figure it out myself.


Anna said...

I totally feel you here. I'm horribly unorganized, and spouse would prefer to relax when he gets home. The house is usually some form of disaster.

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