Friday, September 30, 2011

Ryker's Broken Phone

Ryker with the phone Robbie broke

There are some days when I really don't like Robert. I guess I should rephrase that. I really don't like what Robert does. He likes to break things even if those things don't belong to him. He knows its wrong but continues to do so. He broke my Nintendo DS after I let him play with it. He broke DH's old lap top even though nothing was wrong with it and he loves to break phones.

Today he broke the play phone I bought for Ryker. So what if it was a cheap toy I found at Goodwill. Ryker got it today. He only played with it for a few hours before Robert decided to break it. It didn't even belong to Robert. And you know what makes me more mad is that Robert isn't sorry for breaking it. Now Ryker is crying trying to put it back together. It isn't fair and I wish Robbie would stop breaking things. He knows better.

Ryker trying to fix it


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