Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cavity Filled and an Ebay Sale

This morning I went in and got one of my cavities filled. Since the cavities were on opposite sides of my mouth, they would only fill one. They did not want my entire mouth numb. I said I didn't mind and they said they were only given 45 minutes for each appointment and I would have to come back for the other one. So in reality, the not wanting to numb my entire mouth was a half truth. They simply did not have the time to fill both.

As I was getting worked on, I thought about my niece who got her filling yesterday. She is 8 or 9 and I figured if she can do it, so can I. Boy was that a false assumption. I'm not sure what hurts more: giving birth or getting your cavity filled. At least after giving birth you get a kid. Hell, I didn't even get a tooth brush! That might be a slight exaggeration but it really hurt even with the numbing agent. Plus my mouth was numb for almost two hours.

I wasn't going to post about Ebay here but I had to tell you about my sale. I had listed Ryker's high chair on Craigslist for a month now. The first day of listing, I got a question about it. The prospective buyer wanted to know if the item came from a pet free and smoke free environment. I told the lady we had a dog but our house was smoke free. She replied she wasn't interested because her baby was allergic to dogs. Hmmm, My dog never used the high chair. Whatever. I then decided to list it on Ebay. I figured if I have to take it apart to ship, I am going to list it high. At first I had $65 or Best Offer. After about 2 weeks, I lowered it to $55 or BO. I got an offer for $15. Hell no was I taking that! I then checked my listing to see what the problem was. The shipping was way off. It was calculated at like over $50. No way did it cost that much to ship. I redid my calculations and got the shipping to the right price around $17 I also dropped the BIN to $50 Bingo! Got a buyer!

Forgot to add that I sold the Tiger toy on the right for $10 on Saturday. A buyer asked me if I was willing to just sell that so I did. Anyways I took the chair apart and cleaned all the pieces. I packed everything up and taped it shut. Just as I was about to reweigh the box, William asked me if I was going to put these other parts in the box. oh crap. I forgot to put the level thingys that make the chair go up and down. I am so glad William caught that. I reopened the box just a little and threw the pieces in. It took me almost two hours to take it apart, clean it and pack it up but for $50 I can't complain.


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