Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ryker's New Ride

Yesterday I managed to break the handle on Ryker's stroller. I think it might have been from leaning on it too much. When I left the thrift store, the handle bar was all the way down to my knees. WTH??? When I got it home, I looked to see what the problem was. The bar was bent on both sides causing it to fall down. I tried to bend it back up with no luck. My hubby asked me if it could be fixed. Since I know how long it takes him to do anything, I told him no. I felt bad about throwing it in the trash but we don't need anymore clutter and I honestly do not think the handle could be fixed. I think when I bought it, (I had got it used) it was on its way to breaking as the handle always seemed to low. So this morning, it was off to the thrift store for a new used stroller. This would be Ryker's fourth stroller. The first two, the wheel fell off. They were both the same brand so maybe it is some kind of flaw with those strollers.

There was only this stroller and an umbrella stroller at the thrift store. There was no price tag on it so when I went to check out, I asked the cashier if he would take $5. He took a few seconds to decide. I could tell he was about to say no so I gave him my puppy eyes and told him how I broke Ryker's stroller yesterday and the stroller I was using now (an umbrella stroller) was only suppose to be used for children less than 30 pounds. He agreed and we were on our way.


Jenny said...

Good for you!

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