Wednesday, August 3, 2011

P Is For Plenty

There are Plenty of words in my life that start with the letter P that it was hard to choose just one word. Here is my list of the top ten words that start with the letter P.

P is for Pearl. She is my mother. She has raised 3 daughters and is Grandmother to 10 Grandchildren.

P is for Paul. Paul is my brother in law. He married my twin sister, Sarah.

P is for Pardee Street. This is where I live. Please do not stalk me as I am very uninteresting and I own a gun. :-) (just kidding. or am I?)

P is for Purple butterfly. Yes, Ryker is a boy. Yes, Ryker will kill me when he gets older and stumbles across this picture.

P is for Pampers. Most of my days revolve around diaper changes. Ok so I actually use Luvs but that doesn't start with P. Give me a break. This is harder than it seems.

P is for Please. I am trying to teach Ryker some manners. Although he can not talk yet, you can never start too early with being polite.

P is for Pizza. I love pineapple and ham on mine but no one else does so we never order it. We get pepperoni though. Yay us!

P is for Pizza Hut. This was the first job I had. I washed dishes. It was disgusting but I wasted worked an entire summer because I had a crush on a boy who worked there. Dirty dishes. Totally worth it to see his cute face every day.

P is for Plan. I once had a life plan but than real life got in the way. Nowadays I live life day by day.

And finally, P is for Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

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Annesphamily said...

This was a great post! You put a lot of thought into it! I am really enjoying getting to know everyone. It is fun learning bits and pieces about bloggy friends! Thanks

Anonymous said...

Cute post, and you are so right about learning to be polite. Your son is a lucky little boy to have a mama to teach him manners and such.

Sue said...

A masterful and mirthful P post.



Our Village is a Little Different said...

I love your P's. Peanut butter Jelly time! rocks! So do mothers, good manners and twins. :) ( And what a cute, cute picture!)

Francisca said...

All perfect Ps... especially Ryker as a purple butterfly, and yes, better hide the photo... at least until he's 30. LOL!

Jenny said...

Oh Becky, this was really cute! Love your happy pictures! You can always have your life plan when your kids are all in school!

Your stalking comment cracked me up!

I'm too old and fat to stalk anyone so you are totally safe from me! ha!

Cute link!


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