Wednesday, August 17, 2011

R Is For Robert and Ryker and Me!

R is for Robert and Ryker and me! Robert is my third son. He is 13 years old. Ryker is my fourth son and he is my suprise baby. I had him while on birth control. He is 20 months old. So how did we come up with their names? Since Robbie is older, I will tell you his story first.

I have an Uncle named Bob. Robert actually. I tell everyone Robbie was named after him but in reality, Robert's name is the middle name of my first love. But shhhhhh, don't tell hubby that! Sorry Uncle Bob. Robbie's middle name is Aaron. Yup, Aaron. Same as Elvis. You know, the King of Rock. There you have it, how Robbie got his name.

Now for Ryker's story. Ryker was due in one day and we still hadn't settled on a name. I told my husband I was not having this baby unless we had a name for him. I loved Joshua David. David is my father's name. Hubby did not like it. He wanted to use all our other children's middle names which would have been Aaron James Edward Pries. That's alot of names! I wanted him to have his own name. We were watching The Taking of Pelham 123. John Travolta played a crook named Ryder. I said to Bill "How about Ryder?" He did not like that name. I thought for a few minutes and I said "You probably won't like this name either but how about Ryker?" He liked it! At the time, neither one of us realized this is the name of a jail in New York City. Now the middle name. Bill said Lee and that was it.  And that is how Ryker got his name.

How did I get my name? Rebecca is from the Bible. I have no idea where the Jean comes from. I believe that is the name of one of my mom's friends. I'll have to ask the next time I talk to her.

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Vintagesouthernlife said...

Precious boys! Had my son's name picked out but when he got here it just didn't seem to fit him so we changed at the last minute.

Gattina said...

Nice story, lol ! We choose our son's name out of a first name book. Both had to make a cross on the name we liked and we choose the one where both of us had made a cross.

Sue said...

We chose our third and youngest son's name out of a baby book while sitting at Marie Callendar's a week before his birth and feeling very desperate.

It's Todd. And we love it.


lissa said...

I'll have to get myself a middle name too. thanks for sharing.

Barbara Rosenzweig said...

Thanks for sharing! Naming is always such an intersting story.

Judie said...

My third son is Keil, a family name, but he was really named after a friend's husband, Kyle. Actually that was his last name, and I never even met him, but I liked the name.

Cheryl D. said...

Choosing children's names is SO hard to do! Thanks for sharing!

Jenny said...

This was a neat story. Your family is really lovely Becky. It's always interestig to learn more about a fellow blogger.

Thanks for linking up this week.


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