Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm Really Not crazy... Just Thrifty

Since I do not have a car, I usually walk to my favorite thrift store. This store is located 12 blocks from my house. Not too many know of this gem in our community as it is in a residential area in an old warehouse. Most of the time, I am the only customer there. Although some days it is hard to determine if the people there are workers or not. Alot of them stand around doing nothing and this morning I saw two of them playing some trivia game. Ummm excuse me. You are suppose to sell the games. Not play them.

Anyways, they never give me a bag for my items. I usually just throw them in the basket under the stroller. Today I found some really big plush characters, Big Bird and Cookie Monster. Since they are 28 inches tall, they obviously did not fit under the stroller.  For 12 long blocks, I had put them up on top.

I felt a little embarrassed. I could just imagine what people thought. Like I said, most do not know the thrift store exists and I probably looked like a crazy person taking two stuffed animals for a walk. And to make matters worse, when I got to my block, my neighbor was out in his yard waving at me.

I can't wait to get a car...


Jenny said...

I admire that you do this. When it isn't so hot around here (114 today...gag!) I like walking down to the Sprouts market on the corner. I always feel virtuous when I do it!

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